Period is 11 days late ! WTF !

  1. I'm NEVER late . First of the month , every month . I've taken three pregnancy tests . All negative . Whats wrong ? Stress maybe ? I had a miscarriage in April :sad: , but I've had two regular , on time cycles since then .

    Do you think it could be a false negative ? I don't know , I know it could be a million things . I really just feel like venting . I wish it would just come or the test would say positive . I'm over going to the gyno . :s
  2. There could be a number of reasons you are late. But, maybe you need to go to the gyno....I know I know I sound like your mother or something...
  3. Mine should have come by the 6th at the VERY most as well. But I guess I'm still irregular, ahlf the year I'm like a clock, the other sporadically. However if you are sexually active then I would see a gyno to allivate your fears and questions.
  4. There are many reasons you could be late... stress can be a big one. The more you wonder about it, the more your body may go into stress mode and not have its period. Annoying right? Go to the gyno if you feel the need- but the at home preg tests are accurate and the same ones most drs offices use- unless they do a blood test for you.

    But I am always late... about 2 weeks right now :Push:
  5. Were you on any antibiotics or other type of medication? Those make mine really late. I hope it's nothing too bad, best of luck.
  6. It's probably stress, don't worry so much about it. Go to the gyno just to make sure everything is in order and RELAX, girl! By the way, you're lucky, I've never been regular in my life.:shrugs:
  7. Hi there,

    hormones work very weird I know. I had severe problems with the Pill I was on, so I stopped taking it.

    4 months I had no problems at all, still got my period right on time.

    The 5th month: Suddenly no period! :sad: 1, 2, 3 days late, bought a preg test: negative. 1 week later, bought another one: still negative. 1 month later, another test: another negative.

    That's when I went to my gyno for help. He told me that everything was ok and the fact that I was late was caused by hormonal (is that how you spell it?) changes due to stopping the pill.

    I had two alternatives: I could either wait until everything was fine again or he could prescribe me something to get the period started. I chose the first alternative since the 2nd one would have meant another hormone shock for my body.

    I was about 3 cycles without my period and then everything started to become perfectly normal again.

    I could imagine that you suffer from that same problem and that it's "just" a hormonal imbalance. (But I'm not a doctor)

    I'd maybe see my gyno about that just to be sure. I'm positive he/she can ease your mind.

    Kind regards from Germany,
    Kittie :heart:
  8. It could be stress. My period got more regular as I got older, but there are those months where my period doesn't come at all because something cropped up and I didn't evem realise. I wouldn't worry if I were you unless you miss it again.
  9. Thanks ladies !

    I used to have irregular periods in H.S. and my Dr. put me on the Pill . I hated it , it made me very emotional . I'm kind of PMDD anyway .

    Hopefully it's nothing !