Perimenopause & the Pill - Period Questions

  1. I regularly go to the GYN (Mar 2006). Anyway, I am 45 and am wondering if anyone else is on the pill and about my age. My system is out of whack and I am getting my period 2 weeks into the pack of pills instead of after the 3rd week. I can't figure out if I should stop taking the pill when this happens, or finish out the pack. I don't get my period after that 3rd week then.

    I hate bothering the gyn with a silly question.

    I am not really sexually active so BC isn't a concern. I like it because of it's predictability.

    (I know, I should go back to the dr)...
  2. I'll climb up to the pulpit BIG TIME on the subject of birth control pills and HRT for perimenopausal and menopausal women. Those things ARE KILLING US! Have you read Dr. Lee's book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause? If not, order that and the perimenopause companion book. It's a real eye-opening reading.

    Basically it's not the lack of estrogen that causes us our miseries at this age (I'm 51 by the by). It's the lack of progesterone. Taking more estrogen (via the Pill or HRT) is setting up women our age for heart attacks and strokes because of the increased risks of blood clots. If you take oral progesterone like Premarin (urine from pregnant mares!!!), you are putting it in one end and just to have it go out the other. Progesterone can't be absorbed from the digestive tract. Using natural transdermal progestrone cream is a better option. You rub it into your skin the 10-12th day after your period and use it until the 28th-30th day. Stop the cream and you'll either have a period or not. Either way, tick off the 10-12 days and start the cream again.

    You won't find natural progesterone cream in a prescription form though: because it's a natural product it can't be patented by drug companies, so there's no profit in it for them. I've been using Young Again Healthy Prosgesterone for nearly 5 years now (so I was around your age), but there are other brands out there. I have no hot flashes, no night sweats and for the first time in my life, I'm REGULAR! My periods are very light and I expect I'll stop having them completely within the next year. Once you are fully menopausal, you still use the progesterone cream, but just apply it a little differently.

    By all means, discuss this with your GYN but if he/she is one of these Dinosaur Docs that think oral hormones are the only answer to every woman's woes, I'd suggest you find another GYN that is up on the research on perimenopause/menopause research and treatments. I know there are extreme situations that call for HRT (usually non-stop bleeding), but those are really the only situations that women need those awful drugs. :yucky:

    Oh, one IMPORTANT postscript about progesterone cream: you must allow 3-4 months to notice any effects. I told my sister about progesterone cream and she bought a 4-6 month supply. She later sent it to me claiming it didn't work......turns out she only used it for a month and gave up on it.:Push:
  3. I got in to see my dr today. She thinks the lining of my uterus is messed up from being on the pill for 26 years. She prescribed progesterone only for 14 days a month for the next 3 months to see if that will clear it up. She mentioned changing my pill but I told her the last time they did that I had 3 months of migraines (once a month). So she is going to do this first to let the lining heal then we can gifure out the next step at my annual.
  4. I had the same problem as you. I was in tremendous pain though, my lining was eating into my uterus. Had a partial - uterus out 6 years ago. My ovaries shut off for 4 years & turned back on 2 years ago. So my doctor took me off of estrogen. I'll be 50 next year & all is well now.
    Yes, you should go back to the doctor!
  5. Thanks. We are going to do 3 months of the 14 days, then I have my annual. If things don't change before then, I am calling her back. I am tired of buying black undies :sad: