Perhaps this is a stupid question.

  1. Do all coach boutiques carry all the bags that are on the website...ok for example I want the multi stripe demi however the nearest coach store is an hr away and i dont want to waste my time driving there if they dont. So if anyone lives in Indy do you know if they have this bag (even at macys or wherever)???Thanks :shrugs:
  2. nope, not always. they could be sold out or something (or, in the case of legacy, some stores just flat out don't carry them).

    call the store and ask them!
  3. Definitely call and ask before you make the trek.. PLUS if they have only a few left, they can hold one for you
  4. most times i would say just go to the store and if they dont have it they can order it and shipping is free...but youll save more by not wasting time and gas so call ahead.
  5. oook thats what I was thinking but i wanted to check in with you experts. haha Thanks.
  6. If you're on the page on for the particular item, you can click on the "Find at a Coach Store" link. It's right below the "Add to Shopping Bag" button.
  7. Yeah I did that and it said there weren't any around idk?
  8. the only way you're sure to find everything on the coach website, under all handbags for women, is by visiting a pinnacle store.

    even then there's a chance of selling out.

    call during the weekday morning (least busy time) and ask :smile:
  9. All stores definitely do NOT have all styles. However, if you trek to the store and they don't have the bag, you can order it through the store and they will ship it to you either to the store or directly to you for no charge whether they have to track it down from another store or get it from the distributor. Plus, even if they don't have the bag in person they will probably be able to answer any questions you might have about it.
  10. All stores do not carry all things. I went to my store hoping to find the grasshopper lanyard for my phone and I ended up buying the display one. It had only been out for a day so I felt pretty good about it, but they had not received any and yet the 3 other stores around me all had them. Just not my usual store.