Perhaps the most frightening coach thing ever

  1. the fur is all falling off and this girl is selling for $100 bucks. Wondering why she wouldn't just send it in for a repair, ewwwwww what was coach thinking
  2. yucky i agree
  3. OMG it has mange!
  4. I hate real fur... YUCK!
  5. I'm scared (lol) That is really frightening!
  6. DITTO!:cursing:
  7. That poor bag has something dead on it!!!:throwup:
  8. A poor little bunny died for that!!!! I really do not like real fur!
  9. She says it's in "Good Condition and rarely used" HAH!
  10. Isn't that a fake?
  11. BOO to real fur!!
  12. I don't think so, I think I remember seeing them at the outlet about a year or two ago.
  13. yuck that is horrible.
  14. Not to cause trouble but most of us carry leather bags and thats the skin that the fur was attached too.:s
  15. Holy Snot! A bag with mange! Or maybe it has fleas?

    Gross :yucky: