Perhaps.. a stupid question ^^;

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  1. I have a question regarding the Mirage Speedy..

    What is the price for this baby? XD

    I don't really know where to look to look up a price for it.. for it's not listed on the elux website.. ><

  2. The price of the Mirage Speedy is $1870 USD. Are you getting one?
  3. Oh! I thought it was a lot more!

    Well.. If I ever do plan on getting one.. it's gonna be a lonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg while. Haha..

    Thank you!
  4. $2000 where I am..
  5. You're welcome! I'm glad it wasn't more, though. I had been listed as $1800 in the lookbook, but LV added the extra $70 during release date. This is limited edition so if you were planning to get one, get it sooner than later. It may go really quickly once more people find out about it.:smile:
  6. It is a lovely bag.
  7. I love mine, got it today and just put all of my stuff in it! I can't wait to show her off!
  8. I love mine, too!! I think it's worth it!!!
  9. I am surprised they did not go higher with this item. It's so unique.
    But I suppose it is much higher a price than speedies in general.

    What size is it anyway? 30? ?
  10. Its a 30. Should I close this now that you know how much it is?:confused1:
  11. Yes please! Thank youu~
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