Perhaps a silly question

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  1. I haven't bought my first Coach yet, but have been watching all the beautiful reveals from you ladies, and I was wondering - when one buys a Coach, do they sell you the item that is on display, or do you get a fresh new one from the back?

    Just curious. :smile:
  2. They get you one from the back if you purchase at a boutique. At the outlets though, you buy what's on the floor (though you can request one from the back if they have one). HTH!
  3. From the back at the FP Store. They do not even sell you the Fobs that on display unless it is the last one.

    At the Oulet they sell you the floorstock but they have bags in the back..
  4. Typically from the back, but I have had instances, where the one on the floor was in better condition or had better stitches than the one in the back... so I just opt for whichever I want.
  5. My Carly was a display. I told my SA that I wanted it because it was the last one so they let me buy it.
  6. One of the bags I purchased full priced was on the floor, but that was from the PX...not from a boutique. All of my outlet purchases have been from the floor.
  7. I think if you're paying that much, you should get a new one from the back. Unless its the last one and you're dying to have it
  8. I've always gotten mine from the back at the boutique except for my Mushroom Hippie but that was because it was the last one they had.
  9. I picked up a wallet today at the boutique, and it was the last one they had. She gave me the option of taking that one or ordering another. I ordered a new one since I'm waiting on my parker hippie to come in.
  10. Whatever you choose, make sure you look at the bag carefully. I've read some horror stories in this forum of SAs wrapping the bags up in the back and the consumer never seeing it until she gets it home and Voila, mais OUI there's a flaw on it.
  11. I've only gotten two things that weren't from the back.. a wristlet that happened to be a return and the only one in the story of what i wanted, and one of the two floor models of my Cricket bag, but mine was the one that sat on the display shelves behind where the cashiers were so it wasnt as handled. Both items were perfectly fine for me.