Perhaps a Math Question, Among Other Considerations

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  1. Thought it would be great to put our heads together on this "basket weave" mystery I had been trying to figure out.

    So as stated by two SA's I've spoken with, and as some of you have mentioned, it takes two people two days to create one Cabat, as they use the leather strips to mold the bag around a wooden/oak mold. I've also been told that there are only about 14 artisans in this world that are able to create this. In addition, as you know, there are 500 of each color in each size made a year (my new replacement was 467 out of 500 or something), of each size (medium, large, and now in Asian sizes?)

    So this being said, considering just the Cabat alone, there are various colors (2 classic colors and let's say 2 to 3 seasonal colors) which are produced at 500 per, and then more than 3 for each size. Given that there are 365 days a year, it's BARELY possible for 14 people who take 2 days to pair up and make 1 bag, 1,000 pieces (which would be just two colors of the same size). So, that would mean that they need to have WAY more than 14 craftsmen? And if so, exactly how many are there?

    Just food for thought as I have (strangely) been pondering this. Sometimes, I feel like my SA makes things seem more "exclusive" than they actually are
  2. What would help is knowing how many HOURS it takes to make the bag, rather than how many days, since that doesn't tell you how long the work day is, or if they really mean "48 hours" -- which would actually be more than one working week, etc.
  3. My friend also brought up this very good point. However, I feel that considering that they use the quantity "days" it is safe to assume a day is a day - whether 12 hours or 20 hours, they say "it takes 2 days" (for example, if someone worked 16 hours during one day they can't call it 2 days, if it was in the same day)
  4. Well thank you for sharing this thought! I almost felt guilty to put BV in question!

    I`ve been wondering about the exact same thing. How can they possibly produce about 2000 to 3000 cabats a year when it takes this much time and when they just don´t have the craftsmen.

    And then I thought, you know, maybe ignorance is a bliss sometimes. They may be telling you stories and you just want to believe them because you feel more comfortable and exclusive with it and maybe we should just stick to the stories and stop analyzing what is fiction and what`s not.

    At least that`s what i`ve learned after beginning to work at LV and getting to know what happens behind the scenes ;o)
  5. Most definitely, I believe there is much truth to ignorance being bliss... but sometimes I feel that when a high price is quoted to account for the laborious or "rare" commodities (like that limited Creed fragrance where the lotus flower in Sri Lanka only can be extracted once every 5 years) I feel that it should be true because the company uses that trivia as a reason for the high price.
  6. :yes:

    I vaguely remember reading something like that, but I'm not sure if this is accurate. :confused1:

    Only 500 Cabats are created each season - dividied between sizes and colours. Not each colour and each size. Hope that makes things a lil more clear :smile:
  7. OH... yes, that makes things MUCH, MUCH more clear!! Wow, thanks so much, this changes things a whole bit... :idea:
  8. Glad to be of service! :biggrin:
  9. Yes, I remember being told that once a classic colour is sold out, you’d have to wait until the next season for it.
  10. How come my Limo Vachette Cabat is limited to 50 units? Are these 50 included in the 500? :confused1:
  11. That would make sense, if there were only 50 in Limo, then another 50 in two different seasonal colors (but what about the crocodile and the struzzo versions then?) and the rest made of the classic colors.
  12. My SA told me that the Ottone and Old Petra Cabats were limited to 500 (and the plates says so, XXX/500), but the Limo Vachette were only limited to 50 (XX/50, making it more "exclusive")
  13. The exotic skins are pretty much made to order. For example, if you wanted the F/W 07/08 ferro color lizard Cabat, you had to order it at trunk show to have it made.
  14. Since my maths has never been that good, you lost me on that one.

    When there are 500 in each of the two seasonal colors you mentioned, then they definitely produce more than 500 per year, close to 2500 or even more when you add Nero and Ebano.

    But that wouldn`t go with what Nymph said :confused1:
  15. Btw I saw that one in the "in action" thread and omg it is sooo gorgeous....