1. Hi Ladies! I got you guys some more info on the perfume coming out :yes:

    Scent: Unique blend of soft florals, tart green mandarin, quava, lush violet petals and water lily with a finish of sandlewood, amber wood and vanilla.

    Sizes: 1.7 fl oz perfume, .27 fl oz purse purfume (purse size), .06 oz solid perfume.

    What it looks like: Classic perfume bottles, with signature on them. There is also a lozenge tag hanging from the largest bottle. I think the solid perfume is in a lozenge tag container.

    I am super excited about this, they are going to send out over 30,000 samples to certain customers. They are also putting scent strips in magazines and our catalog, as well as having samples for bag stuffers!

    ALSOOO the bags for spring have the model with a perfume bottle on her head and the ads have the model with a huge perfume bottle covering her naked boobs! :shrugs: We seriously don't know what to think of that, haha.
  2. LOL, thanks for letting us know!
  3. so, it's something you can tolerate being sprayed all day long? lol.

    i want samples! i need to go pay coach a little visit. i still have merch credits. :graucho:

    and coach is getting the sex appeal, eh? risque.
  4. Im bisexual so i dont mind the sexy lady- lol !
  5. how much will that cost? purse size, large bottle and solid one? tnxsie
  6. Lordy and the bottle is clear besides the signature! We seriously think there's a nip slip too! :censor:

    Still not sure if I can deal with little girls spraying it all day, so i'll throw samples at them! haha. I think we get the samples in march or april :smile:
  7. I didn't see exact prices yet, but I believe they start at 68$ and I'm not sure if thats the small purse size or the solid :/

    I'll let you guys know the second I hear!

  8. Good info, thanks. I know I'm going to LOVE the lozenge tag!
  9. i will seriously bust out laughing if there's a nip slip! lol. too funny.
  10. Thanks for the info! I've been looking into a new perfume so will wait until I smell this one!
  11. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see/smell this stuff.
  12. Oh, WOW! I am EXCITED! Can't wait to smell it!
  13. Hoping the PC's get a sample in the mail! Woods and Floral seems like a little wierd mix! Hopefully it is unique then!
  14. Is it true that there will be a pink tote with perfume bottles on it coming out on April 1st?
  15. LOL... my husband already thinks I'm crazy for having all kinds of Coach bags... he will probably keel over when he hears I can "smell" like Coach too!!

    Sounds great though!! :nuts: