Perfumes you bought and got sick of

  1. Has anyone ever used up a bottle of perfume and purchased a second of the same? Gosh, this seems an impossibility to me... I always get sick of my scents before I'm even halfway through.

    I thought I was in love with Hanai Mori... I did use 2/3 of a bottle but now I'm totally over it.

    Also very over Escada Ibiza Hippie (not that it's winter-approriate anyway).

    Also over YSL Paris.

  2. Hmmm....I am on bottle 2 of Flowerbomb, bottle 2 of D&G Light Blue, bottle 3 of Kenzo parfum D'ete, probably about bottle 20 of Burberry, I also wear Pilar and Lucy Exact Friction...and L.E.E. People of the Labyrinth(but those will last AWHILE)
    and thennnnn....
    I have in my closet, dying a slow death...
    The worst hundred plus dollars I ever spent on cologne-
    New York Fling from Bond No. 9(think it smells like a deoderent tampon on me)
    Simply by Clinique-just smells like plastic or something BAD
    A couple of bottles from Stacked Style
    Amazing Grace(Amazing Gross, if you ask me-or another deod. tampon)
    Marc Jacobs(I do wear this every once in awhile)
    Dior Addict(what was I thinking!)
    Deep Red(again, what was I thinking)
    MV2, 4, and 5 by MAC(I use these every once in awhile, too...they were a gift and I only really wanted one of them)
    Marc Jacobs Blush
    Gucci Rush(not sure when I got tired of this)
    I think that mostly covers it..

    yeah, I waste a lot of money on bottles. I have sold some half bottles on eBay, too, just to get some of my money back. It works out great, because someone else saves a few and you get to "recycle"
  3. Amarige. Although I technically didn't buy it, about 15 years ago, I smelled it on a co-worker and praised it on more than one occasion to close friends and loved ones.

    So I received a bottle for whatever the next gift-giving occasion was, and I liked it very much.

    BUT before I had used it up, another gift-giving occasion rolled around, and I received more of it. And on it went, for about 3 years. People had it in their heads that this was the one and only fragrance I had an interest in, the only possible gift that could be presented to me, and before I knew it, I was rolling in the stuff!

    Perfume, cologne, gift sets - it got so bad, I had to tag who had given me which unopened package so that I would not make a terrible error in the re-gifting process!

    And of course, I became tired of it much more quickly than I might have otherwise, because I was so inundated with it!
  4. LOL!! I HAD some of that, and it was the same thing! A coworker of mine wore it and I thought how great she smelled. I told my mother, I think, and at Christmas, well, I got a GINORMO bottle. Well, needless to say, I never finished it. I like it way more on someone else than on myself. On me it is just too cloying and sweet.:roflmfao:
  5. I used to consider Chanel's Allure to be my "signature" scent but I guess I got tired of it because I haven't bought any in years. Then it was Ralph Lauren Romance...ditto. I still like these fragrances, I'm just not motivated to buy them anymore.
  6. Just sitting in my drawer

    Gucci Envy
    Elizabeth Arden Green tea
    Ck eternity

    i gave away to a sister

    Cool water
  7. how long are perfumes good for? I think im regreting the purchase of the huge ass burberry london botttle with lotion and shower gel even though it was 122- to 77.
  8. aarti I have read things that say a year, but I know from personal experience that I have perfumes that are older than Abraham's grandma that still work just fine!
  9. Clinque Happy-loved it when it came out. Was it in 97? Anyway long time ago and I'm old. Now I really dislike it. Just overdosed on it.
  10. D&G light blue! so sick of it! and everyone I know has it.the smell is so familiar now
  11. ROFL! I have to find a way to smell this stuff. I still have not seen even one indifferent or mild opinion about it. People either think it is the most wonderful fragrance ever made or - well I can't beat djgirl's summary of the opposing view. :biggrin:

    lellyLV, I didn't care much for Light Blue either. I got a sample vial of it as a gift with some faux bling or carved wooden incense holder or something I bought on eBay, and I got tired of Light Blue before I had even used up the little sample bottle!
  12. Oh shimma, it is just awful. I wanted to like it. I really did. I thought it was "feminine" but it is just too "pukey floral nightmarish" for me!
  13. D&G Light Blue. I really wanted to like it. It is waaaaaay too strong. One spray is one too many. It actually nauseates me the way perfume did when I was pregnant.
  14. Dior's Addict. I bought it and got sick of it two weeks later.
  15. good thread. I hate when this happens too!

    I got tired of:

    YSL Paris
    Chanel Coco
    Michael Kors
    Lolita Lampicka
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