perfumes that make you go EWWWWW!

  1. this is actually one of my favs! men have told me they love it too.. hmm, well i hate red door
  2. SJP Lovely. Yuck!
  3. Never met a Coach perfume that I've liked. Also, anything sugary/too sweet/coconut is a problem for me. I also don't like perfumes with vanilla as a top note (base note or mid note is fine, as lots of floral oriental perfumes are).

    D&G Light Blue just smells *too* fresh (and this is coming from someone who loves fresh notes). DKNY Be Delicious fragrances don't smell good to me, neither.

    And does anyone besides 70+ year old grandmas like White Diamonds or Red Door? My mom told me she used to hide Red Door from my grandma and eventually she stopped buying them since she kept losing money. :lol:
  4. The worst for me is Diorissimo. Turns out I hate jasmine-based perfumes.


    Chanel No. 5 (smells terrible to me)
    Samba (smells like a fruit cocktail...)
  5. chanel no. 5.

    i honestly think most people are in love with the brand and its legacy rather than the scent.
  6. I couldn't agree more...
  7. I've never found a Chanel scent I like. And I LOVE Chanel!

    I find Opium to be stank.
  8. Thierry Mugler Angel

  9. My fav it light blue too. Hubby LOVES it.
  10. Definitely agreed.
  11. when i was 21/22 i used to buy it and wear it because i loved the bottle...but i hated it! i never got a compliment on it.
  12. Here's my list!! YSL Opium, Chanel 5, Estee Lauder White Linen I think it is? Palma Picasso, Oscar de la Renta.. Ugh... OH AND OMG.. Dolce and Gabanna (the original with the red cap) all of these smell like urine...
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    Hands down for me has to be CHILD Perfume! It is suppose to be this "hard to find perfume with a big celeb following." I found it a few years ago at a little denim store in town, and just HAD to get it because I had found it! I did not love it when I smelled it, but got caught up in the thrill of having found it:noggin: Not only was it way over priced, but it smelled gross on me. Big FAIL on my part!

    Fun thread by the way!
  14. Ugh, Opium.

    I love Coco Mademoiselle and Chance isn't bad...but, yeah, not a fan of no.5, neither.
  15. Has no one ever gagged at the smell of Youth Dew?
    How about Black? (rubber factory smell)
    Anything with too much lime? (many mens' colognes.)