perfumes that make you go EWWWWW!

  1. Most of you guys would hate to be in my presence. Love Chanel.

    I don't like any of the juicy perfumes or Dior fragrances.
  2. i am guilty of loveing a perfume and once you know it i will HATE it there is too many to call for me but i will name a few that come to mind.
    vera wang princess
    all estee lauder perfumes
    pink sugar
    most celeb perfumes (YUCK!!!)
  3. Obsession- both men and women
  4. Not a fan of Clinique Aromatics Elixir and most Estee Lauder fragrances
  5. White Diamonds. There is a lady in my office building who douses herself in this scent. I cannot ride the elevator with her! If I see her in the lift, I duck out and act like I am going for a coffee. I cannot risk a headache all day from this scent. (oh, this sounds so mean :push: but I get headaches from certain scents).
  6. Georgio. In fact, I think there is a restaurant in NY somewhere that states at the bottom of the menu that ladies that are wearing Georgio will not be seated there. Seriously.
  7. Thierry Mugler Angel - every stripper in the world owns it.

    White Shoulders - Two words: Old.Ladies.

    Pink Sugar - why is it that everybody who wears this goes completely insane slathering theirselves with this crap? Holy f*ucking Cotton Candy Vomit, Batman.
  8. someone i know had to fire somebody because they wouldn't stop wearing so much was a constant cloud that made him sick to be near her, it was Red Door
  9. Demeter Cologne in Lobster, I still gag when I think of that vile, metallic smell

  10. All of them make me go ewwwww and then I get an instant headache - literally. I can not stand perfume because most of them make me physically ill.
  11. D&G Light Blue... smells like old lady. no offense to anyone...;) JMO
  12. I love Chanel frags too, one of my most worn is # 19 (haters say it smells like deadly cleaning products)

    I really hate Dior Poison, it has no positive effect on my nose
  13. i am married to a perfume-phobe, so i don't really wear any...and my nose can't handle many...i've become de-sensitized (or sensitized)?

    in college i worked in a bar/restaurant where people smoked, it didn't really bother i can't handle being anywhere near smoke
  14. All commercial perfumes make me sick/want to vomit except Jo Malone. These fragrances are godsend.
  15. Chanel is just disgusting. I have yet to come across one that doesn't smell so potent & simply rank.