Perfumes that didn't work for you...

  1. Ever fall in love with a perfume/cologne in a store, in a magazine or on someone else, but as soon as you purchased it and/or put it on it just didn't work for you?

    I get so bummed when that happens. :sad:

    So far I've had to give away or toss the following:

    Issey Miyake - L'eau D'Issey
    Hermes - Eau Des Merveilles
    Ralph Lauren - Blue
    Bvlgari - Pour Femme
  2. Oh good thread! Fracas was HORRIBLE on me!
  3. Stella Mcartney - Sheer stella. It smelt like I had sprayed beer on me :'(
  4. Jo Malone:
    All of them smells divine. The assistant lady knows how to mix them but I'm really stupid so I always mess up when it comes to combining them together.

    I tried mixing Lime Basil & Mandarin with Verbenas but it always comes out too 'crispy' as if I've just been eating a tonne of lemons:lol: .

    Another is Eau d'Hermès.
  5. Angel. Great in the store and in the bottle, yuck on me.

    Lancome Miracle. Sample smelled great on me -- full size bottle, no.

    Estee Lauder Beatiful. Gift, scent makes me :throwup:

  6. Calvin Klein Truth. Always smells weird on me by the end of the day.
  7. [SIZE=-1][/SIZE]​

    CHANEL N°5 didn't smell too good on me.
  8. Angel for me also, smelled just terrible.

    And JPG Classique - the heavy vanilla doesnt work on my skin at all - as much as I love the bottle & the ads... But I can wear the summerversion - hence my avatar!
  9. I almost forgot about Angel. It smells horrible on me, but on my friend it smells so delicious. Such a shame!
  10. I think chanel no5 smells like old lasy closet on me.......
  11. clinique happy. received it as a gift and it was terrible on me.
  12. Clinique Happy didn't work for me either. It smelled like mens' cologne.:yucky:
  13. "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker. Smelled like skunk on me.
  14. Ditto!
  15. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella. it was a gift and the fragrance just don't suit me. it just doesn't do anything for me. it is a huge bottle so i just use it as a room deodorizer.