perfumed Body oils

  1. Does anyone else buy the body oils to wear as perfume? I usually see them at beauty supply stores or sometimes they sell them at the mall. I have a few, but was wondering if anyone else ever wears these as an alternative to perfume.
    Right now, I'm looking for one called Love at first sight and I can't seem to find it. I also like Egyptian musk, Arabian sandalwood, Victoria's Secret, China Lily, and fig/vanilla.
  2. ^ I used to use them all the time, either as perfume or I would mix them with cetaphil cream or shea butter to make my own scented lotions.

    I can tell you which brand NOT to buy lol... I read an article about how Kama Sutra oils smelled so great and all these young celebs were using them as perfume. Well I bought one and there's no way they were buying it for perfume lol! The stuff is SO sticky and the scent lasts about 5 seconds. It says right on the bottle that it's meant to be massaged on and licked off! The place where I ordered it still sends me kinky catalogs all the time too... It's so embarrassing! :sweatdrop:
  3. LOL! That is a funny story, I will not buy from them. Thanks for the heads up. I see the oil stands by my school because there is a big tourist attraction there. I buy them every once in a while. I think some of them smell really nice. Although, I would be embarrassed to say some of the names if someone asked what I was wearing. I don't understand why some of the oils have to have crude names. I don't buy those for the stated reason above. That is a good idea about the scented lotion. I may have to try that!