1. Does the perfume not have a name?? If not, I guess they dont ever plan on making different scents :confused1:
  2. They could still do different scents even if this one doesn't have a name. This I suppose would be the Coach signature scent but then they could do a Legacy scent or a Hampton's scent or perhaps a Coach no. 2. I would think that if this one does really well that they'd want to offer other scents to those customers that don't find this one appealing. I hope they do at least! If not, I like this scent well enough.
  3. Yeah ... stupid example, but Celine Dion has a line of fragrances and the first one was just named after her but she's come out with a bazillion after that, and they've all had different names.
  4. hehe. i have all those celine ones. they make me smile.
  5. The announcement did say the FIRST perfume by Coach. I think there will be more.