Perfume that takes you back?

  1. Even more than music, scent will bring back memories.

    L'air du Temps (Lily of the Valley scent - I may have misspelled it)
    takes me right back to high school. My best friend and I felt like Audrey Hepburn when we wore it - utterly sophisticated.

    Jean Nate (lemon scent)
    My first business mentor out of college must have bathed in Jean Nate instead of water. Every time I sniff it, I am right back in her office. Happy memories - she was so good to me.

    When I travel I try to buy a bottle of something special.
    "Lily" by Santa Maria Novella takes me right back to Florence.

    What perfumes work memory magic for you?
  2. Joy, and Blue grass...good heavens....its my great Grandmother and my Grandmothers scents...I smell it and they are in the room...great memories!!!
  3. OH and my Father wore Wings...I keep a bottle by his grave and spray it everytime I leave...the scent stays with me all day....I love that!
  4. How about Love's "Baby Soft"? or, "Charlie" ( which really was atrocious!)
    Oh, yes I'm talking serious 70's teenage fragrance here!
  5. Shalimar by Guerlain reminds me of my great-grandmother, who passed away when I was 12. She was a glamorous Chicago woman in her day, and I like to believe she watches out for me now that I'm here. Whenever I smell it, it reminds me of sitting in her lap when I was little and listening to her tell me stories about the big city. (It's sappy, I know... :shame:smile:

    Also, Opium by YSL brings back memories of high school, since it was the first perfume I ever wore regularly. I thought it made me smell exotic and mysterious, although thinking about it now, it was probably a bit too much for a teenage girl... I still have a bottle of it sitting on my dresser, and spray it whenever I'm feeling nostalgic for my youth...
  6. Arpege and My Sin always remind me of my mother and my aunt and their friends coming in to kiss me goodnight and let me see their dresses before they went to evening events.

    And when I smell Lily of the Valley I remember hugging my grandmother, and smelling it, so clean and fresh! But alas, when I swiped some and put it on my own little arm, it smelled like a sour washrag.

    An early lesson on individual body chemistry! :biggrin:
  7. YSL Paris
    Liz Claiborne triangle bottle
    Anais Anais
  8. Avon's Sweet Honesty...boy oh boy....I wonder if they still sell it...

    oh and Loves Baby Soft....
  9. Same here Shimma - I still remember those bottles!
    Lily of the Valley - little bottles of that were given to my grandmother by ... does Fuller Brush sound right? (like anyone on here has ever heard of them LOL)
  10. I think they do, a few years ago I bought the cream scent of it.

    The bodyshops "white musk" brings back memories of my aunt and mom when I was younger, they always had the little bottle around, it was so cute and now I buy it regularly.
  11. Angel: My roomate in college wore it and I always think of our roadtrips when I smell it.

    Beautiful: My mom and grandmother wore it everyday.

    Excalamation: the first perfume my little sister wore while we were in elementary school. She would spray so much our bathroom always smelled of the perfume.
  12. Shalimar and Estee Lauder's Cinnabar - remind me of my Mom:love:

    Opium reminds me of one of my favorite high school teachers

    Oscar de la Renta reminds me of my almost mother-in-law

    Polo Ralph Lauren (in the square maroon bottle) was my perfume in high school. It was the "in" perfume at my school in the 80's! LOL:p
  13. Dorothy Gray - midnight skin perfume.. its my grandma's!
    The bottle is a shape of a door knob
  14. Tommy Girl.. nothing says high school like this.
  15. Opium- YSL : reminds me of my mum in the 80's
    Anais anais : my first "designer" perfume at 13
    LouLou : my 2nd perfume at 15
    Angel : the teenagers perfume in the 90's, all my friends had it
    il/elle Armani : takes me in 1999
    Deep Red , Hugo Boss : when I started my career abroad