perfume that smells like soap?

  1. i want a perfume that smells like a great soap.

    my hubby hates perfume, so it can't be overpowering or flowery.

    any suggestions?

  2. I know it sounds really juvenille..... but I love CK1N2U CK1 N'2U by Calvin Klien...

    very clean, not too flowery at all, and it smells like fresh soap... you should check it out at your local Macy*s
  3. Amazing Grace by Philosophy
  4. Clean perfume

    It really does smell like you just got out of the shower.
  5. What about the CLEAN perfume line? They sell it at ulta and probably sephora as well. This perfume was intentionally made to smell like soap.
  6. LOL! We posted at the same time and about the same perfume!
  7. try soap and water by philosophy. u can find on Qvc or sephora. the line is great

  8. This is what i was gonna say
  9. amazing grace is awesome!
  10. I love amazing grace. Philosophy products are all amazing.
  11. it's cheesy, but a lot of avon perfumes remind me of soap!
  12. Burberry Baby Touch is very light (it's meant for babies :confused1:) but smells so good!! clean smell and cheap!! you have to re-aply during the day... but the smell is to die for!! you smell like a clean fresh baby!!!!!!!!!!! wonderfull! my boyfriend loved it!!!
  13. I highly recommend the CLEAN perfumes. There are several in the collection and they all smell so fresh and clean! I always get compliments when I wear it.