perfume samples

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  1. I am new to perfumes and I want to try a lot of perfume samples to figure out what I like and don't like...what's the best way to do that?

    I was looking at various websites that sell samples...does anyone have an opinion of these websites?

    My biggest worry is that they would sell me something that isn't authentic... I wouldn't know the difference because I've never smelled it before.
  2. sells samples. They carry hard to find fragrances, I have ordered many times and highly recommend them. Great customer service.
  3. Your local Sephora store will also fill a sample vial of any scent that you are interested in and that they carry. You can also try eBay. Many people sell samples of perfumes there.
  4. You can also buy a sampler from Sephora which includes 10 or so fragrance samples and then you can chose whichever one you like best and get the full sized bottle (the price of the sampler is the price of a bottle).
  5. I was reading more about perfume and I think now I want to limit my search to organic/vegan/cruelty-free perfumes. I read some horror stories about killing animals just for their musk secretions and burning the skin off of animals with ingredient tests. :sad: I'm not even a vegetarian, but it still bothered me!
  6. kaleida, I too am purchasing scents that are organic/vegan/cruelty free-harder to find, but worth it for sure.
  7. If you like fruity/vanilla try LaVanilla's fragrances. They're organic and smell great!
  8. I can also recommend luckyscent for samples. I've heard of really long delays in shipping from the Perfumed Court- but they're authentic. Also there is Surrender to Chance. There was a split between the women that owned The Perfumed Court and the women that left opened Surrender to Chance. I've received quite a few samples from Surrender to Chance, but wondered about one or two if they had "spoiled". Or was the perfume just smelling bad on me? Not sure-but they have a huge selection of hard to find scents.
    Don't know about the other 2 you listed
  9. I belong to PerfumesforaBuck and have shopped They are both Authentic. I get vials (they have bigger options) for my p4ab membership and get monthly samples to try, I like to add ones that I haven't ever tried or brand new perfumes.

    myperfumesamples has really cute packaging and lots of sizes. I get ones i usually really like but dont want to spend on a full bottle and so i get the larger atomizers. the collections are really good deals too. they also have promotions when they give extra samples with the orders. check the "weekly specials" when you go on the site, they have some good stuff.

    i have tried perfumecourt and lucky scent too. they dont have a lot of the ones i am looking for and they do not come packaged as nice. i have bought a couple of full size bottles from luckyscent and they come with samples so that was really good, i think you can request the samples you want but i only did that once and otherwise let them surprise me and got some good ones. perfumecourt i think is overall the most expensive but probably has the biggest selection if you arent looking for current perfumes and want more old out of production ones.
  10. Sephora & luckyscent are good recommendations...give them a try

  11. It's been awhile but I think Sephora has an organics section. Also try Whole Foods .
  12. That! You can also ask for samples at Macys, Nordstrom and Bloomies. No need to buy samples unless you don't have access to a store.
  13. My experience with the myperfumesamples is very bad.

    I ordered two sets of samples and had the eventual problem with a couple of items from both sets of leaking/evaporating samples. I ended up with 5 empty bottles and a couple that dwindled and continue to dwindle significantly.

    On contacting them what was most irritating was receiving stock replies.

    I pressed and pressed and kept getting the same replies. I even got a phone call from a Diana Felix who was extremely rude and accusatory.

    "Our policy states that all defect/damage orders must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery." Is a reply that was repeated ad nauseum. As were the suggestions of improper storage.

    I replied every inquiry they had, what at times felt more like an interrogation, whilst they were never able or willing to answer my questions: If I have over one hundred samples all stored in the same manner, then how come this has only ever happened to your samples, and not only your samples but only a subset of them whilst all others are still okay.

    So clearly a case of faulty products! I'm bitterly disappointed in the lack of support and the accusatory and rude manner that replies were given. Apparently they issued me a merchandise credit. One I fail to see listed, one they never further specified despite my inquiries, and one that was so utterly insufficient not even covering half of the damage and lacking any shipping costs. Surely I'll never use them again, even if the so called credit exists. Why would I incur shipping costs for a product that in all likeliness will again be faulty.

    My advice is to avoid using this company!
  14. the vast majority of musk used today is immitation...the body shop was the first to do cruelty-free musk though
  15. the perfumed court is insanely expensive as is surrender to chance. Bear in mind they sell decanted samples of fragrances and not sealed manufacturer samples, so buy at your own risk.