perfume samples?

  1. (sorry if this is not an acceptable post/request)

    Ive been using Ralph Lauren "rocks" for a little while but Im fickle :lol:

    Im visiting my dad in NY around Nov and plan on getting a new scent from Chanel,Lancome or Hermes. Does anyone have samples of:

    any chanel/hermes scent?
    Lancome miracle, magi noir or poem?

    thanks so much! i want to try it on for a few days before i buy.
  2. Have you tried going to the perfume counters and asking for samples?
    At Nordstrom's, they always give me a couple vials of different ones to try before I buy.
  3. ive thought of that but around here *nd* there arent any Nordstroms etc ;)

    i want to try the scent out for a few days, only in NY for 2
  4. Any big department stores have samples, it doesn't need to be Nordstrom's. Maybe when you're in NY you can go to the stores and ask for samples.
  5. Sephora gives out perfume samples (if you ask)
  6. I think you can even buy samples on eBay.