Perfume Questions: YSL parisienne

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  1. Does anyone know if there is any differences between the EDT and the EDP version of this perfume?do they smell the same?
    Cuz I heard the EDP doesnt last long, so is the EDT even worse??
    TIA :smile:
  2. Hey dear, Im by far not a perfume expert but here's the difference between EDP and EDT :smile:

    Eau de Parfum may contain 7 to 15% concentration of active ingredients. Eau de toilette usually contains about 1–6% concentrates. which is why EDP are usually more expensive and sold in smaller bottles than the EDT.

    I have the EDP of Parisienne and it lasts a few hours on my skin. I still think it really depends on your body's chemical reaction! :smile:
  3. I have the EDT it fades really fast...too bad because I love the smell :sad:
  4. I have the EDT and I find that out of all my perfumes, this one I only have to spray once (around my midsection) and I can smell it the entire day. This is my favourite scent, absolutely love it.