PERFUME Question and SUNTANNING Question

  1. I have two questions and decided to put both in the same post


    I need a new perfume. I love kenneth cole reaction for women but I buy perfumes at marshalls and TJMaxx and well They didnt have the reaction there. But they did have burberry , michael kors island, and a bunch others.
    I LOVE the island smell. But should I wait to just buy reaction?


    I have been using the tanning bed with just regular tanning lotion Funky Monkey and well Im not getting dark. I go for 10 minutes. Is there anything that give me that golden color faster. (for reference I want to be Jessica Simpsons color that she has been lately)

  2. id hold out for kenneth cole. but just to let you know, the fragrance companys will not gaurentee the quality of perfumes you buy discounted(i.e. from tjmaxx) it is real but it might be old.
    as far as the tanning is concerned cant really help much but if you have fair skin that doesnt tan easily you will never naturally be the color of JS. try faking it
  3. On the sunbed i swear by Emerald Bay in Mojo, you put it on and i makes your skin tingle and go red, when i get off the sunbed i'm always very red, but in an hour or so it goes down and i go a lovely brown, i dont use this all the time though only if i need a quick boost i usually use Coconut Colada (emerald bay)

    Oh and i DONT reccoment Mojo if you are naturally fair skinned or new to tanning, i have naturally olive skin, tan very easily and have never burnt, also be sure to moisturise loads after the sunbed to put the moisture back into your skin and prolong your tan,

    Hope this helps x
  4. no advice on perfume. Scent is such a personal thing and everything smells different on different people.

    As for the tanning bed, stop! It's horrible for your skin! You are paying to look old... and who in their right mind would do that?

    Look here for suggestions on sunless tanners:
  5. Like I mentioned in another post, the Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze line is WONDERFUL! I got a nice color similar to JS's by using their moisturizer which gives you a gradual color. For more color they have a spray and a bronzer-shimmer brush.
    My two cents on tanning: hon, it will kill you skin's elasticity. Think dry, scaly, loose, leathery skin with sunspots, moles, and possibly cancer. NOT good.

    Re. the perfume: Michael Kors-- all of his fragrances are TDF.
  6. 1. I haven't smelled either. Just the Kenneth Cole but the one for men. If you can grab the Michael Kors with a discount, I'd go with that one. You like the smell too, so that's a plus!

    2. I'm not one to comment on tanning. I don't like the look, but that's just me! Hope some of the other ladies can point you in the right direction.
  7. Thanks for your responses, I have tried the airbrushed tanned and I looked too orange. And this was an even good tan it just was too orangey on me.
    I am fair skinned but I am native american about anywhere from 25-50 percent. I used to get honey color when I was younger so I know I can tan maybe its just a fact of going on the bed longer.

    I went back to marshalls today and picked up the michael kors fragrance but I put it back haha because it was 40 dollars and my mind is set on reaction by kenneth cole. hehe
  8. I think you made a good choice on the perfume and as far as the tanning goes... I'd just increase the time I'm in there (maybe 15 minutes) but not go all year around to avoid any possible issues or premature aging. Some believe in tanning beds and some don't. I do.
  9. Try a high pressure tanning bed- I went only 5 times for 8 mins the first time and 12 mins each time thereafter and got a nice tan. I also used a tanning lotion called TAO. The high pressure beds are a bit more cost wise but worth the fast results imo.
  10. Swedish Beauty pink diamond is a tingle lotion that always gets me really dark. You get red for a little while then it goes in and give you a dark tan just apply sparingly until you get used to it.
  11. 15 mins tanning? really? in the UK we have verticla tanning beds and you only go in for 3, 6 or 9 mins.
  12. I've seen that before in the tanning salon. THe bottle is really cool. I almost bought it. I've never tried the tingle lotions, but I hear they are cool.