Perfume print!

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  1. I just saw these perfume print wedges on e-bay and it made me wonder what else is going to be coming out in this print. I don't even see these on the Coach site. I know that the wristlet, and pouch is on the coach website but I haven't seen much else (besides the actual perfume, bracelet, and scarf). Anyone hear anything about what else is going to be released in this print?

  2. They have some more shoes on with that print. THey have some other kind of wedges on there in this print too.
  3. Yeah, I've seen the other shoes. I was wondering maybe more along the lines of bags or accessories :smile:
  4. those are cute - i really need to start getting into their shoes...

    i am so mad i missed out on the maxine boots!! especially the clay- darn it!!
  5. Someone said there would be bags coming out in August. :shrugs:
  6. I have seen the swingpack, pouch, skinny, wristlet, a variety of shoes, ponytail scarf (which I bought), I think that's it. The accessories have white patent trim that is TDF against this print!!! Super gorgeous!!
  7. Seriously? August? That seems like a weird time, but I hope they do something in a bigger bag. I'd get almost anything that was bigger than the pouch.
  8. My boutique has the swingpack, wristlet and pouch, in addition to the perfume and scarf. They are all gorgeous IRL. I esp. love the swingpack and wristlet.
  9. I ordered the mini skinny today from JAX so I should receive it next week. Can't wait!!
  10. Wow really? That seems like such an odd time to release them since it seems like more of a summer print.
  11. I ordered the wristlet today from JAX. Sooooo excited!!!!
  12. The perfume print looks really cute IRL especially the scarf and the wristlet! I love how there is a cute little perfume bottle charm hanging on the wristlet :love:
  13. oops picture right here

  14. I picked up the Swingpack and Mini-skinny on Friday. They are ADORABLE!:love: I will post pics soon.