Perfume print sandals--durability?

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  1. Hi, I'm pretty new to Coach. The only Coach item I owned till today was a pouch I got at the outlet a few weeks and I think I'm hooked. My father got my mom some Coach sandals this summer, too, and I'm amazed by the quality. I've been on a mission to find some sandals for myself, but nothing really caught my eye, until last week at Loehmann's when I saw the cutest pair of red sandals with the perfume print (the Starla?). It was $62, but with Loehmann's awesome sale, it was $32 and some change. :yahoo:

    I actually left the store without them the first time because I wasn't sure about the material of the perfume print. I went back today for the last day of the sale and :nuts: it was still there! My Loehmann's can turn into a mess during these sales, and they've taken to only putting half of the pair on display, so I'm sure other shoppers thought the right pair went missing. At least that's what I think because I don't see how anyone can pass up this price for such cute shoes!

    Now my question, for those who own these shoes or any similar: How is the durability of the perfume print on the footbed? Does it snag or fray easy? I notice the one out on display isn't in as good condition as the one they had in the back, but it's not noticeable at all. Shoes take an extraordinary beating at Loehmann's, so it's definitely a sign of the shoes' great quality that it's gone this far without being more beat up. :yes:

    Is there any extra care I'd need to give to these shoes?
  2. i dont have them so i cant say, but i really like them. the only reason i never bought them is because the part where you put your foot seems to be cotton or something like that, and since it is white, i can see them getting dirty very quickly. like i would be scared to walk through wet grass, etc. with them, or wear them after id been walking around barefoot on the beach or something and my feet werent like fresh out of the shower clean lol. maybe someone who owns them can chime in?
  3. I haven't seen them, but what a steal girlie!
  4. For $32, go for it girl!
  5. Well, I don't know about any extra care, but for $32 I would say that they are worth it! I wish you had a picture of them.. I adore a good shoe!

    Now, if you haven't goten them yet.. Loehamnn's is having a 3 hour sale this weekend!! In fact.. have yourself a Loehmann's coupon!

    May the shoe god's bless you!:yahoo: