perfume print flip flops??

  1. I've heard mention of these in a few posts - who can tell me more about what these look like (or better yet, show me a picture)? And have we decided whether the fact that the pce card says it can't be used on fragrance applies to the fragrance print as well?
  2. They look like this:


    Only with red patent leather on the top and perfume print on the footbed. I think they're really cute.:love:

    I don't know what is considered "perfume items"... but I am totally going to try to get these at PCE, because this is one of the few things that I know 100% I want to get! I'm not sure if only certain stores are getting them, or what?
  3. edit: haha, bags4bubbles, you read my mind. :biggrin: I think it's only actual perfume that's a no-no for PCE.

    they are these, but with the perfume print, and I think red leather. they are supercute, I may get them during PCE instead of these! I saw them on saturday and am in love!

  4. I love those too, and I will probably end up with them as well!
  5. Very cute - thanks for the info!