Perfume men love best... in your experience!

  1. An old school one...Chloe Narcisse. I didn't believe it when my college roommate told me years ago that men love this perfume, but I broke down and bought a bottle and she was right! A little goes a long way with this one.
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  2. I've gotten lots of compliments on J'adore Dior. It was one of my first perfumes and I wore it when DH and I just started dating. Then when I finished my bottle, I went onto other perfumes. about 8 years afte rmy initial bottle I bought another one, and DH immediately commented on how it was I was wearing the perfume he loved from when we were first together.

    Besides him, I've had other people tell me that I smell amazing! ;)
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  3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle always seems to be a hit for me.
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  4. Armani Mania was the most complemented perfume
    But my husband always notices when I wear Chanel N5 in parfum (the real stuff) - he never remembers what it is and each time after I aply it he goes crazy:
    mmm... smell so nice! what is it?

    =) the man has taste
  5. I agree .. Men just love chanel:graucho:
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  6. Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum
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  7. I would say bond 9 musk
  8. viva la juicy & burberry brit :flowers:
  9. Chanel Coco Madamoiselle is a perfume that has always got me lots of compliments. I get compliments when I'm wearing others, but that one seems to be a real winner!
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  10. Hermes Un Jardin Su Le Toit
    Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom

    And oddly enough, the Escada series (sexy graffiti, Ibiza hippie) and Tommy Girl -which I personally love as I have great perfume memories associated with them, but am aware that they are generally regarded as quite juvenile scents! Well even Luca Turin likes Tommy Girl ;)
  11. Salvatore Ferragamo signorina misteriosa eau de parfum
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  12. (Not sure if I've posted here before. EDIT: I have. Oh well!)

    I've gotten SO many compliments from guys when I wear the Chloé EDP. It's been my signature perfume for years and I think I'll keep it that way!
  13. Vintage formula Giorgio Beverly Hills, bizarrely enough and (to a lesser extent) vintage Beautiful by Estee Lauder*.

    Either that, or if I'm wearing no fragrance.

    I have found that, if men are attracted to you and/or your natural scent, they seem to think you are wearing perfume when you aren't wearing any.

    This may work the other way around, as well, I'm not sure?

    * The Beautiful was my mum's. :smile:

    No idea what the reformulations are like?

    However, most modern, less expensive (including most designer, these days), fragrances just smell like flat, overly sweet, chemicals, to me; so, I don't tend to wear them.

    I think, at this point, you would probably have to spend a lot (maybe $300+?) to get a quality, multi-layered perfume, made from natural oils and in fact, with all the restrictions/banning of ingredients, even then I wonder what they can actually, legally, make now?
  14. I quite like (regular) Coco, but my boyfriend doesn't seem to like it that much.

    I think it's more one to impress other women, rather than men.

    On me, anyway!
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  15. I have tons of perfume and usually wear one of my LV perfumes but what I get complimented on most is Ariana Grandes perfume. The first one she released.