Perfume men love best... in your experience!

  1. The two I wear that get me the most compliments are Romance by Ralph Lauren and Allure by Chanel.

  2. This. Hot hot hot
  3. Hermes elixer is amazing too
  4. Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB.

    (Edit: ooops sorry! I see that now in your thread opener. Duh! But it is the ultimate in yummy & men are always saying "what IS that?!")
  5. Also D&G "LIGHT BLUE".
  6. Angel by Thierry Mugler.
  7. Herve Leger Paris.
  8. Fendi Fan di
  9. Calyx
  10. I think the one scent my husband has complimented is Reincarnate shampoo from Lush.

    He's not a perfume person.

  11. Ahhhh my most favorite perfume. My husband loves it on me 💖💖
  12. DH's favorites are Pacifica French Lilac and Chloe'. Both smell too heavy to me. Upside is that the Pacifica fragrance is low-cost ($22 for 1 oz. bottle), all-natural, vegan-friendly, and always available at Sephora. I have not, alas, been able to get him to take a fancy to the Chanel Chance fragrances which are my favorites.
  13. My husband loves Burberry London, Vera Wang Princess, The Body Shop Raspberry (don't think they make this anymore), Chloe & Lancome Midnight Rose... i reckon its all the vanilla in it!
  14. victorias secret heavenly angel. MEN love it.
  15. I get a lot of compliments on jadore dior