Perfume men love best... in your experience!

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  1. Boys seem to go crazy for Burberry Brit, in my experience.

    Hanae Mori Butterfly is my favorite but I don't get that many responses for it from guys.

    What about you?
  2. OMG! I totally love HM Butterfly. .. my favorite perfume by far. My boyfriend loves it. :smile: But then again.. he also likes Gap Heaven and Ralph by RL ;)
  3. These are the ones that keep my hubby begging for more:love:

    Hanae Mori
    Lolita Lempicka
    Incanto Dream

    He can't keep his hands off me when I wear either of these, and he knows them all by smell, it's insane!:heart: :love: :girlsigh:
  4. Everything I wear! :smile:)
    LIZ by Claiborne (my ex was complimenting on this the other day!)
    Gucci Rush
    Oscar de la Renta Intrusion
    VS Dream Angels Halo
    VS Dream Angels Divine
    VS Garden Endless Love
    Bath and Body Vanilla Sugar
    Prescriptives Flirt (discontinued)
    Micheal Kors Michael
    Marc Jacobs
    Lanvin Oxygene
    Ellen Tracy Imagine
    Mary Kay Journey
  5. My bf loves Hugo Boss Woman on me. Maybe he's into a power woman sort of feeling? :lol: (although i'm far from one!)
  6. I've always gotten compliments when I wear J'adore Dior (the eau de parfum, non-summer version) :biggrin: I think it smells so good.
  7. I've noticed that I always complimented on my perfume when i'm wearing Ralph Lauren's Cool or Gucci Envy
  8. my ex-gf wore Calvin Klein Eternity Moment.. drove me crazy! :nuts:
  9. Men go crazy when I wear Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion from Bath & Body Works!
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  10. Romance by Ralph Lauren used to get a very good response for me - I worked in a lounge and men would often ask me what I was wearing and comment on how nice it smelled.
  11. Hm, I don't know how helpful this will be but... for us guys, anything that smells flowery and sweet on a girl will drive us NUTS! Just nothing too strong and overwelming and you should be good.
  12. lol thats good to know. i dont know how to choose a perfume. i think it also has to do with some nationalities, like a specific flower or undertone that works with your natural scent? or am i just pulling this out of my arse here lol?
  13. sounds like the men love you for you, and that your scent is jsut a perk!!
  14. I posted that one too! It's true.
  15. :roflmfao: