perfume in hair?

  1. the other day i tried for the first time to spray perfume in my hair...i have read it works really well....well it made my roots kinda greasy!!!!! do you girls do this? i was thinking maybe i just sprayed it wayyy too close to my head or something??? :confused1:
  2. I read the "where do you dab perfume" thread too, and so many said they spray it in their hair, so I tried it and the perfume smelled differently than it does on my skin so I didn't really like it much. I never tried it before, since I read a magazine article as a teenager saying that if you put perfume in your hair, it smells bad. Now I don't know if that's true, but anyway :p
  3. I hardly ever spray my hair, but if I do, I just spray a tiny bit near the bottom or middle of my hair and I spray it several inches away so it's just kind of a mist. If you spray too much near your head, you'll clash/fight with your natural smells, i.e. your pheromones that are naturally released from your head in various ways. We release our own smells from all over our bodies, but we release more from our face and head, so the highest I typically go is a little behind my ears.
  4. Perfume reacts with your skin. I think spraying it on your hair may make people think you are wearing way too much perfume when you walk by. I could see dabbing it on the neckline but I wouldn't put it in my hair.
  5. I wouldn't want to spray all that alcohol close to my roots. I'd think it'd be very drying and might cause an over production of oil to compensate. Like you experienced.
    I occasionally spray and walk through the spray which then ends up on my hair.
    Like Keya though, I think it's smells different on my hair and often makes me sneeze. :nogood:
  6. i do that. spray it once in the back of my hair. never made it greasy but i have thick hair. the scent seems to last longer that way for me. don't put it anywhere else, so the scent isn't overpowering either.
  7. I never do that. The alcohol content would dry my hair out. I'd also think that the oils in the scalp would mix unfavorably with the scent. Also, wouldn't it intermingle with the scent of whatever styling product you use? I stick to the wrists, back of knees and a dab on the neck. Too much irritates my skin.
  8. i dont put it on my scalp....i spray the perfume on my hands, and then when its almost dry, put it on my hair gel.
  9. I will spray a bit on the lower back of my hair but a light mist indirectly. I have very long hair though, plus sometimes I just can't wear perfume on my neck or too close to my face because it will start to bother me.....
  10. i always spray it in my hair...i don't even know why it's just habit!
  11. I always spray it in my hair, but never close to the roots. My hair is below the shoulder, so I spray it near the ends. I have never had it smell different or bad in my hair vs. my skin, but I don't have oily hair.
  12. I usually spray it to the backside of my head, aiming for the ends. I wouldn't want perfume too close to my scalp; it seems to me that it may cause an irritation. Maybe that's what's going on with your hair!
  13. I don't spray it directly onto my hair, but what I do is spray the perfume up in the air and then swing/flip my hair near where the mist falls. I figure that would give the best distribution and keep the scent light.
  14. I never liked the idea of spraying perfume into your hair. Usually, I will spray some, then walk through it, but never directly onto my hair.
    OP: Maybe try a perfumed hair conditioner instead? I use Philosophy's amazing grace perfumed hair conditioner, and it smells lovely and works very well!
  15. i kinda just spray it up in the air and let it land on my hair. and im always getting told that it smells yummy so id say it works :smile: