Perfume I wanted to like but smells like crap on me...

  1. Ever really want to love a fragrance but it just doesn't work with your body chemistry?

    I got a sample of Prada's Infusion D'Iris and I put some on and YUCK :tdown:. It's so frumpy and too me a headache! Oh well, at least it was free.
  2. Juicy Couture...I was hoping I would love it, but I hated the way it smelled on me! :tdown:
  3. Gosh, most of them. I must have some awful reaction to fragrances. I can count on one hand the fragrances that have been good on me, and the one I like best is no longer produced!
  4. I thought Lovely smelled great when my friends wore it....on me, it is different.....!!!! So I stick with my fav, Un Jardin Sur le Nile
  5. oh this has happened to me before as well, you have such high hopes and then they are squished by an odor you cant stand!
  6. Chanel No. 5. What went wrong????
  7. Yes, the latest one to not agree with me was Victoria's Secret Pink perfume. It smelled, for lack of a better word, "metallic" on my skin. It was just gross! :yucky:
  8. Mostly all of Hermes fragrances.. and Stella McCartney's. I really really wanted to like them, but sadly my body chemistry didn't agree.
  9. Estee Lauder "Pleasures" and Clinique "Happy". Soooo disappointing. Also Guerlain "Insolence". My sisters love it when I buy stuff that doesn't agree with me because I will give it to them.
  10. SJP Lovely for me as well....I love her and I was so disappointed that I didn't like the fragrance on my skin!
  11. I don't like it either. I wonder if her new fragrance will be weird too? I like the advert for it.
  12. Just about anything with Lily of the Valley. It is such a light, clean, fresh scent, my grandmother wore it, her hugs were so fragrant!

    But I sadly learned at a very tender age that that clean fresh scent when applied to my own skin turns into the smell of a sour washrag.
  13. Trèzor.
    I loved the scent (probably still do, even though I haven't smelled it since middle school -I gave the bottles to my mom, she was quite happy that it didn't smell good on me :p) but it smells like carrots on me.
  14. Hermes fragrance, the one with glitter inside it- made me feel sick as it was too sweet and smelt of oranges, yuck!!!:throwup:
  15. The Juicy Couture for me too!