Perfume - how to spray? how much? and where?

  1. Hi girls,

    Today I bought the Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume in Eau de Parfum. I was wondering about the amount that I should use--I don't want to spray way too much and have the scent become overpowering, but I also don't want to use so little that by the afternoon, no one can tell anymore. How many sprays and where? Thanks so much! I don't know what I'd do without you ladies :heart:
  2. I don't do a full spritz, I use gaultier classique, and I do a light touch so something just squirts out on each side of my neck and one on each pulse on my wrist, adn hten I rub it together. for events I may also spray my outfit.
  3. You're not supposed to rub your perfume together. It will change the dynamic of the cologne. I just do two sprits on my wrist and I'm done.

    The recommendation is to layer your perfume. Use a shower gel, lotion, and perfume of the same scent. I only have the lotion and perfume of hanae mori butterfly and that's enough for me.
  4. I lightly spray both wrists and both sides of my neck up near my ears.. but reading the other replies so far.. it seems like I overspray?!?! LOL

    I think it depends on the type of perfume you use too, some are more potent than others!! Maybe try getting an honest friend to tell you if you smell too strong??
  5. Sometimes I like to spray and walk into the mist, lol. Does anyone else do that or am I just weird? :nuts:
  6. ^^:yes: I do the same thing sometimes because you are not suppose to spray directly on your clothes. I tried to spray going up: ankles, behind the knees, wrists, cleavage, neck then ears(pulse points)...TOO MUCH for me(almost started to pass out from the fumes:roflmfao: ). Same goes for layering: shower gel, lotion, powder. So now I just do my wrists and then cleavage. When I am feeling ultra sexy, that is when I spray then walk into it.
  7. Depends on the scent and the day, but I always hit both wrists. Usually at least on spray up by my neck or hair. Actually, I did hear that it is good to spray the hair, as it will cling longer than it does on your body.
  8. With any perfume, I do one spritz on each side of my neck, and then I rub my wrist on it, and then rub both wrists together.
  9. how do you apply it? im so scared im going to be THAT woman who wears too much but no one would say anything i use it sparingly. i usually use some of its matching lotion when i get out of the shower, later followed by a sprits or 2 on the neck before dressing and leaving the house. i find that very soon after i cant smell it, although im sure its just me getting used to the scent.
    so how do you apply it so you dont lose the scent after a while? maybe just a silly question but i am so curious if i should be doing something differently.
  10. Every-bodies body chemistry is different, so, some scents may linger on some people all day and the same scent on some, may disappear almost right away.

    I always squirt both my wrists and dab a little behind both my ears.:yes:
  11. Front of the neck, back of the neck and between my breasts. If I really want other people to smell it (like if I'm going out at night), I'll put some in my hair as well because it really lingers there.
  12. I spray my wrists and my chest then spray a squirt or two in the air and walk through. I figure only those close to me should be able to smell it. There is a guy at work who wears SO much cologne that you can literally smell where he was previously - he once used my phone and it took me wiping it down with sanitary wipes three times to get rid of his smell.
  13. I spray one wrist about 6" away to just catch the mist, then rub it on the other one and then rub my wrists on my neck. Then I walk through the area I sprayed. I try to keep it subtle. I don't want my perfume to enter the room 5 minutes before I do :push: .
  14. My mom gave me a tip when I was young that I always liked. She said to wet a cotton ball with scent (after a light spritz in my hair) and put the cotton ball in the front center of my bra - believe it or not! It lasts all day and you can smell it (which is fun if you love the scent) but it's not overpowering to those around you. I usually put a little on my wrists as well, but not much.
  15. i usually split 1 spritz behind both ears, and that'll last for 2 days, i can smell it whenever turning around or making any body movement.