perfume help

  1. i'm looking for a solid or oil, and my preference is something vanilla-y, but i'm open to something orange-y/fresh too. just can't use a spray.
    can anyone help?
  2. sonia kushak for target has a few perfume solid palettes...i think one of them is orange-y. it's the only solid i've ever seen though. :\
  3. If you are looking for hardcore vanilla.. I thought the best would be THE BODY SHOP and add vanilla scent to anything from oil to lotion...

    I've found this for now:

    #5. Best new celebrity fragrance: Live Jennifer Lopez The fourth of J.Lo's scents, 'Live' was created with 3 things in mind, according to J.Lo in Harper's Bazaar: 'a baby's head, warm yellow cake' & her 'favorite red currant candle.' Lopez apparently sent the formula back 'a million times' before it was perfected & you'll smell the candle & the cake but not the baby powder. What it is: A blend of orange, lemon, pineapple, peony, violet, caramel, vanilla, Tonka beans (a luxurious vanilla scent) & sandalwood. A bonus: It lasts all day but is best left for night (it's very urban & bit dangerous).

    I also found Aftelier interesting
    You can sample particular scents and combine several of them...some oil and bar...

    How about: Amber and Bloor orange?


    Personally I love Jo Malone Grapefruit. It's very clean and refreshing without smelling like sweet citrous fruit.
  4. thanks joanna, are any of those solids or oils?
    i had a bad reaction to a spray earlier this year and now i'm afraid. i was using hermes rouge solid until recently, when i felt the desire for vanilla, but sometimes vanilla isn't done well. butterfly by hanae mori was fantastic, just amazing, but that was what i had the bad bad reaction to.
    and i used to use one from annick goutal, but discovered that it smelled delicious in the bottle but not as good on me - weird how perfumes change when they're on our body...
  5. Yes. Definitely. Perfume changes its scent depending on the person so it's one of those things you just have to try it on.

    I Loved the scent of Burburry Brit until I wore it. It doesn't smell good on me. It's vanillay too.

    I know Aftelier makes bars and oils..
    And Jo Malon makes oils too.
    I have my reservations about the whole JLO perfume's just my bias against celebrities and their prefume lines but in all honesty I haven't tried it myself so I can't say I like it or not....

    How about scented body lotion?
    I liked the Escada perfume lines several years back. Lovely summry scent with vanilla tint.
  6. very interesting. i will check out burberry brit - thank you so much for the info.
    and i like what i've seen of jo malone so i will investigate further.
    i totally agree about celeb scents. licensing gone wild. for my fragrance, quality above all else.
  7. chocolate-vanilla : The Body shop amorito, it's one of the mix/create your own scent bottles (the brown one), though it might be more on the chocolate side... but check out the reviews on makeupalley
  8. i was about to suggest burberry brit too until i read down and saw somebody already had. I highly recommend this perfume its gorgeous and gets me the most complements. Or i dont know if its still out but Burberry Brit Gold is the ltd edition and its what i wear atm. Its more of an evening smell i think though.

    Definately check burberry brit out though, i fall in love agian every time i smell it.
  9. I love Hanae Mori's Butterfly. Since you can't do the spray...have you tried the body cream or lotion?

    Another vanilla-y scent I like is Stila's Creme Bouquet. That comes in a solid and also a roll-on.

    I love vanilla scents. I'm going to have to try out Burberry Brit someday :love:
  10. burberry brit and stila's creme bouquet. i'm very excited about these 2 new options. thank you so much.

    i loved the butterfly scent like crazy, but it didn't love me. :sad: i tried the body lotion and maybe i'm paranoid but i felt my nose get really congested soon after.
  11. i believe body shop had vanilla solid.
  12. Another vote for the Hanae Mori. I love this stuff. I never use perfume down to the last drop and I did for the first time with Hanae Mori. It has a really nice light vanilla-y scent. I wear it year round.
  13. yup, i loved it. had a terrible allergic reaction to it. :sad:
  14. I was going to recommend this one too. :yes: It smells like true and natural vanilla, nothing synthetic, plastic or sugary there.
  15. all of her stuff is nice. gets my vote too.