perfume headache

  1. Hi, I've never posted here and I apologize if this subject has been covered over and over but...

    Since my pregnancies, I cannot wear perfume without getting a fast throbbing headache! I've been told that expensive pure oil extracts perfumes would solve the problem.

    I love essential oils and they work OK, but I'm looking for a nicer brand made from essential oils. Like Chanel, perhaps. I love Allure, and Dolce and Gabbana, used to wear them all the time. I've tried a body satin spray (like after the shower) by Chanel called Coco Mademoiselle, and because it's oil based, it causes less headache.

    Any help or ideas are appreciated! I'm looking for a soft powdery scent with a bit of a kick for day. Thanks! :heart:
  2. Johnson's Baby Cologne
    Bvlgari Petite et Mamans
    Both are non alcoholic.
  3. Thank you fendifemale! So the headache problem is due to the alcohol in the perfume?

    Where can I find the Johnson's baby cologne, do you know? I'm going to call Nordstrom's about the Bulgari today. :heart:
  4. I can get migraines from perfume-the two that I can count on to not give me headaches are Chance by Chanel and La Lucci by Susan Lucci. I prefer Angel or Black Orchid, but they kill my head anymore.:crybaby:
  5. i love Chanel No 5, but I can't wear it beacuse it gives me terrible headaches, so i can sympathise with you with this prob!