Perfume for Mom

  1. So, I went to Von Maur (department store) on Saturday just to browse around and ogle all the Marc by MJ spring stuff. I went to the cosmetics counters, and was debating spending $40 dollars on a Laura Mercier stick foundation.

    Then I passed the Cartier perfumes counter, and sprayed a little Must de Cartier on a card. The smell instantly brought back memories of my mom when I little girl, back in her more "glamorous" days.

    So, I decided to plunk down a few extra dollars and get my mom a nice Valentine's Day gift (for once). When she came over for dinner last night, I surprised her. She was thrilled! "Must" was always one of her signature scents, but she hasn't had a bottle of it in years!

    Just had to share my cute little weekend story. So, what does everyone else's moms wear?
  2. My mom wears Boucheron, and Chanel.
    I on the other hand wear
    chanel #5 AND 22 AND THE MADEMOISELLE.
    MY Favorite if I want to be sexy is Blvgari The blue bottle and the creamish colored bottle.My favorite for everyday use is SunFlower by elizabeth Arden. Very nice. For a FRESH saturday scent I use Turquoise seas by Calgon, it is inexpensive and has a great Fresh smell. I love it because it is simple and has a fresh breeze smell to it.

    And Vanessa225 I HATE MACY'S TOO:hysteric: . Downtown will not be the same without the historic Marshall Fields.
  3. That is so sweet that you did that for your mom, you have inspired me! My mom is going through a divorce so maybe I'll treat my mom to a bottle of our fave Chanel #5! Maybe the Velvet Milk Bath, because I know she would never splurge on that!! Happy Valentines Day to All!!:heart:
  4. oo i was thinking of getting my mum something too but she just got herself a new bottle of perfume..she uses Hypnose from Lancome i think and Chanel..
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Macy's is evil! I miss Marshall Fields terribly. I used to think it was the epitome of a "luxury" department store. But since Macy's took over, the quality has really gone downhill...

    And since we're on the subject of family, I brought my 82-year-old grandmother to the MF's on State Street for the last time when she came to visit me last June. She was born and raised here in Chicago, and grew up shopping at Fields.

    When she went in the store and realized that it was the last time she'd ever set foot in the downtown Fields that was such a big part of her life, she started to cry. I've hated Macy's with a passion ever since. :censor:
  6. Although she doesn't wear it anymore, when I think of my Mom, I can almost smell White Linen by Estee Lauder.
  8. :yes: Very true! We feel the same way here in Minneapolis. The quality and customer service is terrible.
  9. My moms been wearing Lancome Tresor for years...

    BUt then everybody has diff preferences in smells so I wouldn't be too confident in that!
  10. And I feel the same way here in Miami where Macy's took over Burdnes and nothing has been the same since!!!!
  11. Ah that is so nice, I bet your mum was absolutely thrilled!