Perfume : Dubai or Paris

  1. Hi people:lol:

    I am going to Paris via Emirites and will stopover at Dubai Airport for a couple of hrs.

    People keep telling me the duty free shopping is great in Dubai but I also know there are a few good discounted beauty pdt shops in Paris that also carry perfume. I am just curious if I were to get Bvlgari perfume, Dubai duty free or Paris city?
  2. Dubai's duty-free airport is AMAZING. I just went on vacation to Dubai for a week a few weeks ago, the airport is like a MALL, it doesn't even feel or look like an airport...

    Anyways, almost EVERYTHING in Dubai was cheaper than it is over here in the US and it's tax free on top of that! My boyfriend bought the 30GB iPOD for only $360 compared to almost $500 (after tax) here!

    Anyways good luck with your perfume shopping!