Perfume - A Quickie....

  1. Anyone know if there's a booklet or layering suggestions that comes with the Hermessense coffret?

    I made some yummy little combinations in store but now I can't remember what they were :push: . It's a Mother's Day gift for DM so I'd like to be able to give her a few suggestions.
  2. OH! I love a quickie!

    OK, there's a little thing that they give you with the Hermessence that tells you about each fragrance, but I don't think it says anything specifically about layering, I think you're just meant to experiment!

    One of my fave's is Rose Ikebana and Vetiver.
  3. Thanks GF is it inside that box? (If I open the ribbon I'll never get the bow right again :rolleyes: )
  4. ohhh, no...the one I got was a long envelope with all the individual fragrance 'notes' stuffed inside (white with the six different 'flavours' in circles down the front) - it's too long to put in the hermessence your store and ask for the notes!!
  5. Will do - thanks for the help :flowers:
  6. no probs! If your store can't help, let me know, and I'll send you mine!
  7. You're very kind. Thank you so much.
  8. What?? I didn't know this.. Something to check out! Btw, I love RI and VT together too! Oh and quickies...:graucho::roflmfao: