1. Hey guys, I've been wanting to buy some new perfume and I just stumbled onto the perfumania website... I've seen the store before and I'm curious as to why these perfumes are discounted. Are they authentic? I'm a little hesitant to purchase from them, bc their prices seem too good to be true!
  2. From my experience, they are authentic. They do sell a lot of discontinued fragrances there. They have a lot of stores in outlet malls, etc. I made a mistake once trying to buy the "current" Realities perfume, and ended up with an extinct version from Liz Claiborne, that wasn't what I wanted at all.

    I like their prices, but going into the store is a bit of a sensory overload to me...too many scents in too small a space!
  3. I've bought from them personally, and they are authentic fragrances. I have no idea how they get them at such low prices, but not ALL of the fragrances are discounted.
  4. There are actually Perfumania stores. There used to be one in our local outlet mall. I used to buy fragrances there all the time.
  5. Perfumania is a real authentic store. I see this store a lot in the malls, and even some airports. I would not be afraid to purchase from them. :tup:
  6. I've seen a Perfumania kiosk at the mall, but I wasn't sure if it sold the real stuff or not. It's nice to know one way or the other.
  7. I have found some wonderful and unusual fragrances on and You can buy small vials of's a great way to try before you buy. Some of them are the carded samples while others are decants from them. Love the Parfums DelRae line, especially the Bois De Paradis..The Les Parfumes de Rosine line has many different and unusual rose scents. I'm sure that you would find some in the L'Artisan line that you would enjoy. Voleur de Roses is my favorite...a mix of patchouli with an earthy rose. Love it! Give it a try...
  8. I think they get them from stores where the fragrance didnt sell to well or had an overstock of it. They are authentic.
  9. yeah, i see them at a lot of outlet malls and they are authentic. and not everything is discounted there.