Performed an Animal Experiment Last Night!


Feb 1, 2008
Diva Dog is a 50 pound Blue Heeler who does not thing she is a dog, hence DivaDog sleeps with DH and I....along with an occasional Russian Blue Cat named Cleo.......
I have been *itching about how she starts out at the foot of the bed on her pillow and before the morning, she is snuggled up next to me, almost shoving me out of a king size bed!! 50 pounds of dead weight is heavy!!!
So my DH has been complaining that she is daddy's girl during the day but momma's girl at night....We decided to find out....
We switched sides of the bed last night (we have had our "same side" for 32 years, mind you!!).............Talk about a CONFUSED DivaDog!
Well, this morning we got our answer............DivaDog is JUST LIKE US:lol:............She has her favorite spot on the bed too, because DH was about 2" from his skinny a** falling off the side of the bed and I had so much room I felt like I was alone in bed!!!!
I will be back on my side tonight! Cause I didnt sleep worth a darn on the wrong side of the bed!

Try it with your babies and see if they love YOU or they love THEIR SPOT!


How Sentimental
Jan 14, 2009
Where the wild things are
It might be different with cats.........they schlump up right next to me no matter which side I am on. If I want to think about moving or rolling over I have to get permission from 4 cats. So out of a king size bed, I too get a sliver of space.