Perforation Collection

  1. I was wondering if there was such thing as a Perforation compact wallet. I saw one on eBay and looked into the authenticity of it but I didn't find the wallet on or But I also found that none of the Perfo collection was on the LV website and it was hard to get all perfo results to come up with the same search word on eLuxury. I did find the Perfo wallet on Amazon but it said it was currently unavailable. Does anybody know if there is such thing?
  2. If I'm thinking about the right thing, then yes. I have one with pink perfo :smile:
  3. the perfo line was limited spring/summer 2006 so its pretty hard to get hold of now. There was a compact wallet made. Eluxury had some perfo items left some time ago but I dont think they have any now.
  4. If this helps. I saw a Perfo Pochette Plate in LV Manchester last Thursday (June 28) and called today, its still there!
  5. Thank you so much for posting that link habibty!

    It makes me realise I just saw a girl with a fake Perforated wallet :rolleyes: