Perforated Speedy

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  1. Anyone got it yet? Clue me in on the price?? Am having trouble finding the 'real' price, and won't be able to stop by LV till week's end. It's been itching @ my brain!!! Oh, wouldn't mind a pic ladies, much thanx. :nuts:
  2. Have you checked They have them w/ regular retail pricing.
  3. it's $ 1200 before tax. I had one and returned it..
  4. Why return it?
  5. Hey Bobo, aren't you Canadian ? I don't know what the CAD price is, but I'm sure it would be at least 20% more than the US pricing (sucks !!).
  6. ^ Does that mean that a pochette accessories would be more than just using a currency convertor? S: Does anyone know the CND price on that?
    Cause I used Alberta tax and a currency convertor online and it came to about 330$ CND.
  7. Yeah, everything cause more here, and the extra 15% too. In ONT. It should be about that much, but I think mine was $295 all together, but that was eons ago........
  8. The pochette accessories in Canada was 300$ (with no taxes) I believe before the price hike. It should be a little more now.
  9. I love my green perforated speedy but since I just purchased 2 more bags it has already gone into rotation. Many people loved it and wanted to touch it and find out what other colors it came in whenever I carried it.
  10. ^^ Thanks (stupid price hike)
  11. ayla, I think we're in the same city, remember you say you go to Yorkdale :smile: Love Yorkdale!
  12. I was just in HR Calgary on Friday. They have the perforated speedy and the pochette. The speedy they have in green and pink and it was $1440CAD. The pochette I think $690CAD.

    I was debating on buying the green perforated speedy but I couldn't get that 'it looks like a dog carrier' comment by kylieReese out of my head. I even told the SA about that comment and she laughed and agreed. I ended up just buying a monogram wallet.
  13. Me too, it's the place where dreams come true.. and the wallet gets emptier ! :lol: I'm only in Toronto for a few months out of every year though, the shopping while I'm at school is definitely crappier !!

    asl_bebes, did you happen to take a look at the perforated accessories ? I think the zipped wallet is pretty cute actually, and probably the only piece that I'd consider buying (so pricey though !).
  14. I did look at the perforated wallet and it is very cute but the pink is a very bright fuschia. The SA advised though that it would be better to buy the pochette rather than the wallet because they're about the same price.

    I am still debating about the perforated speedy, I kinda like it ... it's starting to grow on me. We'll see, if I keep thinking about it, I might just have to go back and buy the bag!:biggrin:
  15. My bag came in yesturday. I got the orange. I took it out of the bag and the first thing my hubbie said was...THAT'S A CUTE DOG CARRIER! I knew this baby had to go back home, I'll purchase the baggy pm instead.