Perforated Speedy??

  1. What does everyone think of this bag. I never really see anyone mention anything about it. I like the one with the pink. Was this not a popular bag?
  2. I think the bag is pretty. There was a few pics of Paris Hilton floating around with one recently. Not something which i would own but its still cute!
  3. Im not a fan JMO. Great for other's but not for me.
  4. I loved the perforated collection. I wish I had bought one when they came out with it. I haven't seen a lot of people with any bag from the perforated collection.
  5. The perfo speedy is so cute.
  6. I think its cute, but i would never wear it (JMHO).....i like the pochette and the accesories better
  7. I think its alright, but not a big for me. JMO.
  8. I really like it I wish I'd bought something when it was out but I'm an idiot, I think people don't talk about it much because it's not readily availble in stores any more it was a seasonal release last year and even though it's cute conversations here tend to be on the newer items if you search you'll most likely find a ton of threads from when it was released.

    *note I am not saying the bag in unfashionable it's fab and it can be worn forever I'd love the fuschia cles or a musette*
  9. I really like the Perfo Speedy!
  10. i think there are some floating around out there, its a cute bag, but a bit too much for my taste!
  11. I don't own it, but thinks its super cute. I have been looking on eBay for the past few months, if I come across a like new condition pink perf speedy I might purchase.
  12. It's a nice bag, personally I like the pochette but they are hard to find these days. The green perfo speedy 30 is on Elux right now.
  13. I love the perfo I'm sad it's not a permanent line, I would love to get one.
  14. I always thought they were cute but someone posted here a long while back that they looked carriers. Oh boy, after reading that I couldn't look at them the same way, sorry. I DO love this little pochette cles, though:

  15. I do like it but I already have so many speedies.