Perforated Speedy?!

  1. does anyone know if the perforated speedy can still be ordered from an LV boutique? because i just recently fell in the love with the bag, and cant seem to find any new, unused bags on eBay. thanks! ;)
  2. It is worth calling 866, sometimes these items hang around for a while. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. thanks :smile: ill keep you posted for sure.
  4. There are still plenty of them around, I think. Definitely call 866 number so they can locate the color that you want for you.
  5. I think ELuxury still has some.
  6. They have the Trocadero, Musette and the Pochette on Eluxury.
  7. It wouldn't hurt to call- most of the perfo line is still hanging around for now, waiting to be sent back and destroyed :sad:
  8. ^Destroyed? Why?
  9. yes, please elaborate!
  10. Seasonal bags that don't sell within a certain amount of time are sent back to LV to be destroyed.
  11. oh the humanity!!!:wtf:
  12. instead of being destroyed, LV should discount them! plenty of people would buy em' then!
  13. No, part of the allure of LV is that LV is NEVER discounted.
  14. Whew they're down to just green. You better get it fast. Green is my fave color I think in it besides pink of course. I thought all three were cute choices.
    They had orange last week. And pink very recently before that. So they are gradually running out of any speedy bags. :sad: