Perforated Speedy in Fuschia or Dentelle Speedy?

  1. Hi,
    I have another question for speedy lovers. I was thinking about getting the perforated speedy in fuschia but now I am wondering which do you prefer... the perforated or dentelle. If you prefer the dentelle, do you like it in gold or silver. They have one on eluxury (silver)...I just want to be this the silver?
  2. What is the detail on the dentelle...lace or leather? I'm not too familiar with this line. Do you prefer the perforated, dentelle, or neither? THANKS SO MUCH!
  3. The detail on the Dentelle is lace.

    Both bags are gorgeous... however, I'd go for a silver Dentelle Speedy. It would go with a lot more things and can be used in both spring and winter, IMHO.
  4. That picture you posted is of the gold. I prefer the dentelle. It's beautiful IRL!
  5. Yes, as Syntagma stated the pic you posted is of the Gold. I prefer the Dentelle line for sure, the lace detail is so unique and it really is a work of art IMO. I have the Kristen and despite how delicate it looks, I have had no problems with my details at all and I use my bag quite often. I highly recommend this line!
  6. I like the Perfo better...the Dentelle never did anything for me.
  7. I love the gold dentelle.
  8. perfo
  9. perfo-it has a funkier vibe to it!:yes:
  10. I LVOE the dentelle, although I (surprisingly) don't have a single piece from that.....I like the lace look, classy and traditional. The perfo is great too, but its a trendier, bright piece. Dentelle if you're a
  11. eh i dont really like either but if i had to choose i would choose the dentelle in gold. the silver looks cheap to me. but who knows ive never seen it in person so...
  12. I like the gold too...more than the silver but I'm just not sure...
  13. I love both, but would go with Dentelle. After seeing it in the flesh it's simply stunning. The detail is lace as others have said, but made onto the bag.. so it has all the normal stitching of lace but directly upon the bag. It's beautiful, and I'd go with the gold since the tone of the leather and canvas are warm tones anyway, it just looks better than the silver to me. :tup:
  14. I'd go w/Perfo, Dentelle is unique but not my cup of tea.
  15. i say perfo but thats just me, i like them both