Perforated Red Jumbo Flap or Red Jumbo, HELP...





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  1. :confused1: I need help in deciding which one to keep. I love red. To me it is a neutral, goes with just about anything. I have searched all over and finally found a red perforated jumbo. It just arrived today and it is still wrapped in tissue. Do not want to disturb anything on it incase I decide to return it. It is very pretty, is orange/red and I do love the color, especially for spring and summer. It was the only one available (in Chanel boutiques and Dept stores). My other choice and I have still not received it and who knows for sure if I will, is the jumbo red flap (in that true red color). I am on "the list". Supposidly these are to come in any day. I would love to keep both, but they are similar. Which one would you choose. I know I have to return the perforated within a short amount of time and what if the jumbo red from the list, either does not come in or it goes to someone else????Sorry for long :rant: TIA
  2. I prefer non-perforated in a true red personally.
  3. I would choose the non-perforated red flap. :yes:
    I saw some pics on eBay today of a perforated flap and you could clearly see that dirt gets easily into the little holes.
  4. I like the red jumbo flap its so pretty!!!
  5. The red-orange sounds really beautiful and besides it's different, which I like. As for the dirt in the tiny holes, one doesn't usually toss their bag into the sandbox or the dirt pile, so I'm not so sure this would be a concern for me.
  6. I love the perforated style (I bought the large in black) but personally don't love it in the red - I am more a fan of the true red (more blue-red than orange-red).
  7. red jumbo OF COURSE
  8. Red Jumbo!!
  9. I voted for the red jumbo...because I think the true red will be more versatile and also because I'm not a fan of the perforated bags... :shrugs:
  10. Red Jumbo
  11. Red Jumbo, for sure.
  12. definitely Red Jumbo. it's such a gorgeous color and definitey looks better without the perforations. What a great bag! post pics when you have decided which one to keep :yes:
  13. I'd say the perfo red! I love it!
  14. i dunt like the perfo!
    so red jumbo!!!
  15. Red jumbo, I don't care for the perforated