perforated question

  1. did anyone see the new Saks catalog with the navy perfo bag? omg it's to die for! anyway i saw the card holder in Saks last week and was thinking about going to get it tomorrow (because they're having the sale day). the regular chanel didn't have it yet. does anyone think the little perforated dots might rip? i was worried that by having it in my bag it might catch on something and rip and it's too spency for me if that might happen (and forget about the worry on the 2500 dollar bag i am coveting lol)

    so, what do you think?

    sorry if this was discussed already....
  2. I didn't see the catalog, but I saw the bags in person at the Trunk Show yesterday.

    I'm almost certain the dots wouldn't tear, you'd have to be super hard on them for that to happen. . . just like a leather car seat:yes:
  3. I think it would be totally fine . . . I am a complete convert to the perforated leather as of tonight, initially I didn't really like it but tonight a very nice SA helped me pick out a great perf. bag for travel -- roomy, tons of pockets/pouches but the leather keeps it VERY light and it also seems very sturdy, the dots are so tiny I don't think they'll catch on anything. :smile:
  4. I agree with Swanky and macbagger.i have seen the 50s bag and the jumbo classic flap in the perf royal blue and the color is TDF in fact i kept on going back to visit the jumbo classic flap perf in that got so the SAs referred to it as "Claudia's bag" even though it was on the shelf and i had not bought it or had them hold it!!!

    tee hee

    buy and enjoy!
  5. ooo I love that blue perfo!! I think its the best color for that line!! :love::love:
  6. I think they would be fine. Did you see that perf bag in teal? I wasn't sure if I was liking the holes until I saw that flap bag in teal. So pretty.
  7. oh good. i'm glad to hear you guys think that way. i LOVE the perfo blue. i think i'm going to buy the card holder tonight. i saw a green perfo wallet that was also tdf at chanel last week. i don't think i can afford it but oh was it stunning!
  8. did you say green?:nuts: i might have to see this line IRL...:wlae:
  9. yes,. it's a bright kelly green almost. unbelievably stunning.
  10. ok, i think i need it then....:wlae:
  11. Mick, did you decide on a bag yet?

    I haven't seen the green, but I LOVE less conventional colors on Chanel. . . so unexpected and FAB!
  12. i love the unusual and unique myself, but i decided to get a few classics first...i'll be posting them soon.:graucho:
    and, yes, the one you recommended is coming to me hopefully monday....thanks again for your help!:yes:
  13. oh good, I hope you love it!!!:choochoo:
  14. I'd love to see the Teal. Anyone has pics?
  15. i think i talked MYSELF into something green. lol.