Perforated pochette

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  1. Is it a classic bag or just trendy? I mean, the shape is still of the old pochette, just with more detail. Is it worth getting the perforated one or would I be better off with the classic pochette?

    What are your opinions?

  2. I like the Pero one better. Personally, I like bags that not everyone has. JMO.
  3. I find the pouchette quite dull on its own. With the perforated -since its still the same bag, I find it still to be a classic. I have a feeling that once this line discontinues there will be an increase in demand.
  4. I prefer my non perforated pochette !
  5. I love the perf pochette. It is so cute! I love the detail on it!
  6. the perforated one adds some colour.
  7. I wouldn't consider it "classic" but it is fun. I like the smaller perf accessories like the pochette. The lock detail is cute. If you're looking for something a little more basic with staying power, then the regular monogram canvas pochette would be a better choice :biggrin:
  8. go for the perf.. it'll make it stand out just a little bit more than the original would.
  9. When it first came out, I thought BARF and swore I would never, ever buy a piece...

    Now it's starting to grow on me! I like the perf in smaller amounts (like the pochette)... I STILL don't like the speedy though.

    I don't think it's going to be considered a "classic" bag but it is a fun twist on the old design! I say get it!