Perforated pochette cles

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of an inside of the perforated Pochette Cles? How much does it fit?

  2. the inside is in alcantra suede
  3. i had a look at this today... the size is almost the same as the normal monogram one... i think it might just be like a tiny tiny bit longer! the style is just like monogram one... not like the vernis ones.... i hope this helps a bit.. :smile:
  4. I have the orange one, it can fit quite a few keys. I have my keyless entry remote, my car key, which is huge, house key, and a few others, and my LA Fitness card thingie. It zips up nicely :smile: Most of the time I don't keep the keys in there, I have a nail file and some spare change. When I'm at work or at home I keep the keys out and clip the cles to the outside of my bag, on hardware or a strap, so that I can always find my keys. Hope this helps!
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