perforated pieces on eluxury

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  1. just wanted to give you all a heads up that some perfo accessories and bags have popped up on eluxury- so if you've been regreting not picking up a piece from this collection- you're in luck. i've been kicking myself for not getting a pink speedy, and now a brand new one is on its way with no worries of authenticity or eBay shipping charges. :yahoo:
  2. That's great! Congrats! I talked to a SA today that said they'd already pulled them from the shelves in stores and "sent them back to the company". I dont know if I buy that. I find it hard to believe LV destroys overstock from seasonal merchandise!
  3. I also find that hard to believe- i'm still on the hunt for a fuschia perfo cles and bandeau. i guess 866 is now out of the question.
  4. i am thinking about getting pro. speedy in pink. i know it not in anymore, but I just love the color pink.
  5. ^i adore pink too.
  6. my SA told me that they are actually bringing the perfo pieces back. he said they should hit the stores again any day now.
  7. oh! i knowww I want the green speedy SO bad.. or the orange! w/ a perfo cles
  8. Did they ever make a pink cles? I remember when the bags were first being released, my SA specifically told me that they didn't make the small cles in pink, only green and orange. She said they made the one that's a little larger flat poch thing (no idea the name-I'm perfo illiterate) in pink but no key pochette cles.
    SO, from that info I decided that moment, no pochette cles pink, no speedy for me in pink or perfo at all since I LOVE fuschia! I am gonna be so pissed if she is an idiot and made me be an idiot too! lol
  9. I WOULD say wow I wish all SAs would get on the same track! But then what would we spend so much time discussing here on the boards? lol :hysteric:
    I hope they do. Very cute line of bags!
  10. hmmmm. curious.