Perforated Line

  1. What do you guys think of this line?

    I'm mainly interested in the smaller stuff like the pochette accessoires and the cles and so on...

    Do you use it often??? How does it wear etc???:hrmm:

  2. I LOVE this line. I have the green pochette and I've taken over the fuchsia musette I got my mom for Mother's Day lol.
    It wears VERY nicely, IMO. I haven't had a problem with it at all. You'd think things would get stuck in the holes but I've never had a problem with either piece.
    Even better though, I've gotten more compliments when I've used a bag from this line than from ANY other line I own. It's just so fresh and updated and even now, not many people have seen it.
  3. Yeah, how CUTE are the pochettes??!!:love:


    I need to step away from the computer and LET...IT...GO lol.
  4. at this point i like it on others but know i can't pull it off.

    there's a really great picture floating around of monablu at her son's graduation carrying her perfo speedy. it looks so fresh and springy and just plain fantastic. in general the line has really grown on me, even though i wouldn't spend the money on it. if i were a collector or was more...daring? trendy? i don't even know...but if i had a different style, i'd definately consider it.
  5. Hey lvbabydoll, can you wear the perfo pochette on your shoulder?
  6. I have the speedy but have yet to use it:shame: I love my damier speedy:heart:
    Picture 011 (2).jpg
  7. i had the speedy, then i sold it...its cute~but just not my style!
  8. i have the pochette and the speedy.. love it!! :smile: im just wondering why the cowhide leather doesn't oxidize as easily as the others....! i bought those perfos just a couple of weeks before i bought my multicolore speedy and now the mc speedy has darker handles, even if i used all three almost as often as each other... anybody has the same experience?
  9. I like the pochette accessories and the smaller items. I don't really like the bigger bags. Just something about the holes throws me off.
  10. I had the speedy and then sold it to fund my plum Le Fab. I'm still pissed at myself for selling it. I plan on it being my next purchase:smile:
  11. Yes! I have a picture on the "visual aids" thread of me with my graffiti one and the perfo is exactly the same. I CAN wear it without the extension, but I prefer to clip the strap extender onto it for a little extra length.
  12. I have the fuscha plate and use it all the time, it fits my keys, cards, lipstick and my V3 phone fits in the pocket outside. I also have the pochette in fuscha, but have yet to use it!
  13. I just saw someone wear the messenger style (I don't know the exact style name), and I think it's so cute... Anyone know how much is the retail price & is it easy to find one at the store? TIA
  14. I love my green perforated Speedy and I use an LV monogram strap with it in case I need to be hands free. I have no regrets on purchasing such a fun, unique bag!
  15. I have that one on in my profile pic/avatar. It's called the Musette and retailed for around $1250. I'd act now on getting one though because even my store has moved out all the perfo items. :smile: