Perforated lambs leather, What happens when it gets wet?

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  1. Was just wondering, as i happen to live in a very wet UK, what might happen if i took my perforated lambs leather bag out and it got wet, would it be ruined? I haven't used my bag in such a long time due to our terrible weather, and i'm :sad: about that.
    Also does anyone know what the material layer beneath the leather is made from? TIA.
  2. Good questions, I was out today with my perfo and it sprinkled a bit. I runned inside a building at light speed.
    I was very afraid to get it wet, usually lambskin shoes doesn't do well in rain, the leather soaks the water in and gets very hard and spotty, don't know about Chanel leather but I wouldn't use my purse on a rainy day. I really don't know what is the silver material... aluminum foil ;) ??