perforated GALLERY wristlet?? HUH??

  1. It does come up in the drill-down...


    Don't know much else about it though.
  2. not sure what drill-down is.....:shame:

    where did you find that pic, I sooo want one!!
  3. I have this one in chocolate trim. I got it about a year ago and cant remember for the life of me what I paid for it. Its late now and I was getting ready to go to bed. If no one posts inside pictures I will post some tomorrow. Its nothing special though. Just a plain lining, no pockets. I love it!

    ^^ edited to add that I meant the lining was nothing special... not the wristlet. I have the same one that Krispin posted a pic of. It is gorgeous IRL.
  4. Krispin, how did you find it in the drilldown without a number???
  5. Ended up staying up a few extra minutes. The quality is not great, they're from my cell phone.
    DSC00009.JPG DSC00010.JPG
  6. oops double post.
  7. thanks so much for the pics, would it fit a small flip phone (not razr - I have a fusic) and some cards and cash??
  8. the item # was in the listing I posted. ;)
  9. The one with purple trim is cute!
  10. DUH :push: I read your post twice and didnt see it :rolleyes: It does hold a flip phone, I have a Sony Ericsson and it holds it perfectly with a little room on each end and room for cash and some cards. I love it, its perfect!