Perforated Compact Zip Wallet


Mar 19, 2006
Just got the Perforated Compact Zip Wallet in Fuschia. Can anyone tell me how it holds up? Any complaints?Just bought the horizontal batignolles too and feeling very guilty. Should I return the wallet or the BH?:sad2:
I wouldn't return either of them unless you don't like them for some reason. Don't feel guilty. There are alot of us here that have spent more than that on a single shopping trip, so just remember that when you start to feel guilty. :amuse:

You should post some pics of them when you get a chance, I'm especially interested in seeing the inside of the wallet.
Thanks for everyone's advice. I think I'll probably end up keeping both. I bought the BH at the LV store but the Perfo Compact Zip from eLuxury so I don't have any pix yet. Couldn't help noticing the zipper compartment in the BH is quite small and hope the wallet fits.