Perforated Compact Zip Wallet

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  1. Just got the Perforated Compact Zip Wallet in Fuschia. Can anyone tell me how it holds up? Any complaints?Just bought the horizontal batignolles too and feeling very guilty. Should I return the wallet or the BH?:sad2:
  2. Why do you feel guilty? I think they are both great buys!
  3. I love the perforated line so I would not return it because I think it is limited edition.
  4. I wouldn't return either of them unless you don't like them for some reason. Don't feel guilty. There are alot of us here that have spent more than that on a single shopping trip, so just remember that when you start to feel guilty. :amuse:

    You should post some pics of them when you get a chance, I'm especially interested in seeing the inside of the wallet.
  5. return? that is a word that is not in my vocabulary.
    they are both really great buys. enjoy them! cut back on something else to make up for the cost.;)
  6. Thanks for everyone's advice. I think I'll probably end up keeping both. I bought the BH at the LV store but the Perfo Compact Zip from eLuxury so I don't have any pix yet. Couldn't help noticing the zipper compartment in the BH is quite small and hope the wallet fits.
  7. I love perfo collection! Great choice! If you do't mind me asking, how much was it?
  8. I got the one in Fuschia from eLuxury, no tax, no shipping. $540. Cannot wait to receive it this Friday !!!